Banking & Payments

Banking & Payments

Enhancing Value Across Engagements
In the unique bank-customer engagement set-up underlined by constant and long-term associations, our Banking & Payments division headquartered in Dubai offers complete end-to-end solutions.
Our solutions guide you to customize your offering into a privileged niche product that resonates with customers.
Our experienced value propositions, accrual and redemption engines, analytics suite, campaign management and understanding of the industry remain our differentiating value proposition.




Our holistic approach is towards creating, managing, growing and analyzing loyalty programs for optimal results.


We lead you through clearly articulated steps needed for conceptualizing, implementing, managing and measuring loyalty programs to increase your visibility, build communities of loyal brand enthusiasts, and increase ...your profits.


We apply data, strategy and technology to drive a loyalty program to its objectives and culminate into long-term valued customer engagement. With data insights, we nurture accurate customer relationship strategies ...across phases of planning, launch, review or calibrating existing ones. Giving a program a new dimension, we steer it from concept to launch and undertake analysis to assist in planning and measuring the success of marketing initiatives. Our partner portfolio built on strong relationship network enables the program to resonate better with existing and new customer segments.

Portfolio Management & Analytics

Our comprehensive Lead Management System supports businesses to optimize, classify, route and track business leads. Additionally, our Analytics ...Suite uses dedicated data warehouses to understand consumer behavior and enable predictive analytics for targeted segments.

Partnership Management

An effective loyalty strategy and customer relations program requires strong merchant associations. Our experienced partnership team develops the right partnership plans for your clientele base with an approach ...that supports business objectives, brand values and customer needs, all while managing your partner relationships.

Redemption Suite

Giift’s unparalleled redemption suite spans global choices that address modern living and lifestyle.
We offer options among leading brands and services across Travel, Retail, Entertainment, Payments and Luxury.
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